David Meyers

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead - Gene Frankel Theatre, NYC

"The eight member cast collaborates beautifully to make this a  strong and consistently illuminating ensemble effort." - Talkin' Broadway

"There is also a bit of slapstick, mainly in the character of Alfred (David Meyers, also doubling as the ridiculous Polonius), who can never quite get his cues correct." - StageBuddy.com

Solo Show - off-Broadway's Project Y and Tongue in Cheek Theatre.

"Meyers' one man show, aptly named Solo Show, energetically and effortlessly explores the many sources of inspiration that solo shows glean ... A skilled actor with many tricks and accents up his sleeve, Meyers and his piece were standouts..."   Jake Lipman

"Fool Me Twice," Nylon Fusion Theatre Company

"(Meyers), desperate to redeem himself, grinds out the most disjointed hodgepodge of multiple schoolyard riddles that you’ve ever heard – few people could screw up so amusingly..." 

"The rest of the time (he) is channeling every scatterbrained youngster who’s ever left your milk out overnight or torturously dragged out your customer service call, and he channels them convincingly enough to make you squirm with exasperated empathy." David Meadow (The Independent)

RED at Payomet PAC on Cape Cod

Cape Cod Times: "David Meyers ... is a perfect compliment. He is by turns sycophantic and challenging, scared and belligerent, innocent and worldly wise..."

"A feisty force to be reckoned with."

Named one of the best shows of the year on Cape Cod.

                        -- w/ Michael Pemberton ("Veep," Damages")    

"Meyers was superb in playing the maniac who murdered seventeen [people] in a mall" - Peter         

       Filichia (TheaterMania, NJ Star Ledger)  

"Two sensitive actors, one troubling subject, one promising playwright" - Ken Jones (Playbill)

"A brave, timely, and thoughtful drama"  - Matt Windman (amNY)  

   "Stunning writing and well-acted" - Joan Kane, Ego Actus

"A smart, assured production" - NY Theatre Guide


An Act of God - Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater

Cape Cod Chronicle: "David Meyers is the quirky Archangel Michael, who goes into the audience to ask pre-scripted questions. Meyers’ questions become deeper as the show progresses, and he compassionately insists on knowing why there’s so much suffering in the world."

Provincetown Magazine: "Meyers and Lemus are excellent accompaniments to Freeman, the former providing an earnest, human curiosity and the latter a light-hearted sidekick to God."

Cape Cod Times: "David Meyers as Michael asks the hard questions -- why is there injustice, violence, atrocities, children dying, the Holocaust, 9/11. And why ... is Donald Trump allowed to roam the Earth?"

        Bad Jews - New Jersey Professional Premiere

"Meyers' Liam matches Daphna in knowledge and reason (or unreason ability) and resonates likability and romance. You believe he loves Melody and sees her as a way out of his family - despite the character's callowness."    Broadway World

"A battle of wits and wills ensues where he and [Heller] put each other through the self-esteem shredder.

...Meyers provides a dramatic slow burn and when in a cathartic moment Liam [erupts] at Daphna, it rings true. Meyers' management of his energy is an effective contrast against Heller’s hyper-activity.  NY Blue Print


IATW Award -- Best Comedic Actor, 2022

Previous winners include Milo Ventimiglia and Cady Huffman