The Promised Land (Sample Here)

Synopsis: Senator Michael Stewart is a moderate Republican, trying to bridge the partisan divide in Washington. When a corporate lobbyist and a Tea Party challenger threaten his re-election bid, Stewart stands by his principles and votes to regulate Wall Street. In doing so, he reveals a fateful decision that could destroy him.


Dreamcatcher Rep

Abingdon Theatre Co. (Off-Broadway)  

The Drawing Board (New York)  

Nylon Fusion Theatre Co.

Core Artists Ensemble (@ The Barrow Group)  


Bay Area Playwrights Festival

SohoRep Writer's Lab

New Jersey Playwrights Contest

Capital Rep Next Play Summit

The Bus Test  (Sample Here)

Synopsis: After Michael Mason loses his job on Wall Street, a troubled decision lands him back in Iowa under the care of his distant father, Hal. Michael soon reconnects with an old friend and his ex-girlfriend, and decides to build a new life in Iowa. But then an unexpected phone call and betrayal change everything, putting his newfound beliefs to the test. 


Platform Group (Off-Broadway)  

The Lark Play Development Center  

Abingdon Theatre Co. (Off-Broadway)  

Finalist: Colonial Players New Play Contest

*Published by Indie Theater Now: Purchase Here   

Short Plays (Selected)

The Secret Keeper: Ahmad is the groundskeeper at a cemetery in Afghanistan. When a local mother visits the cemetery, she befriends Ahmad and unearths a troubling secret that unites them both.

*Published by Applause (Best Short Plays, 2014-2015)

Selected Productions/Performances

FUSION Theatre (New Mexico)

Nylon Fusion Theatre Company (Off-Broadway)

Naked Angels

Open Fist Theatre Company

Luna Stage  

Abingdon Theatre Company

Dreamcatcher Rep

Winner: Princeton Center for Spiritual Living Playwriting Award

Hard Truths: When Sally Sue Maple goes back to school shopping with her son Casey, she's forced to confront a truth that could upend their entire family. Produced by The Drawing Board and Nylon Fusion Theatre Co.  

Let You Help You: Dr. Goldfarb is the world’s worst therapist. Or is he? Produced by Nylon Fusion Theatre Co.

Freedom From Thought: Pi Sigma Alpha erupts into chaos when one sorority sister becomes aware of the horrors of the world. Produced by Nylon Fusion Theatre Co.  

Nice Guys: A lovable schlemiel is forced to question his belief that nice guys finish last. Nylon Fusion Theatre Co.  

Best Boss Ever: Instead of firing an intransigent employee, the world's best boss finds a loving way to exact revenge. Written with Matt Jordan. Performed Off-Broadway by the Abingdon Theatre Company in November 2012.

     Full Length Plays

       We Will Not Be Silent   (Sample Here)

"We Will Not Be Silent"‎ tells the true story of Sophie Scholl, a German college student who led the only major act of civil disobedience to the Nazis during the Second World War.

The play is not about the Holocaust - but examines the role ordinary Germans played in the rise of Hitler, and the moral strength and clarity that led a group of German students to risk their lives for a righteous, but hopeless, cause. 

World Premiere: Contemporary American Theater Festival

Summer 2017 (Director: Ed Herendeen)


Florida Rep (AEA) -- Spring 2017

Questors Theatre - London, UK -- Spring 2017

Mile Square Theatre (AEA) -- Fall 2016

The Jewish Museum -- Spring 2016

Dreamcatcher Rep (AEA) -- Spring 2016

New Jersey Playwright's Contest -- Winter 2016

The Barrow Group -- Fall 2015

Project Y Theatre Company -- Fall 2015

Abingdon Theatre Company -- Summer 2015

Payoment on Cape Cod -- Summer 2015

BROKEN (Sample Here)

Synopsis: Kevin McFadden hasn't spoken to anyone since he killed 17 people at a shopping mall three weeks ago. But when a prison doctor takes an unexpected interest in his case, Kevin decides to meet with him - revealing a troubled past that unites them both.

Workshop Production

April 2015 in New York City


Payoment Center for Performing Arts (Cape Cod)

Project Y Theatre Company (Off-Broadway)

Abingdon Theatre Co. (Off-Broadway)

The Parsnip Ship

*Published by Indie Theater Now: Purchase Here

*Published in "Plays and Playwrights 2016" Best of the Year Anthology

*Excerpts published in Best Stage Monologues by Smith and Kraus

F*** Mark Twain

a play (and conversation) about race

Synopsis: When a white professor says the "N Word" out loud during a seminar on race, controvery engulfs a UC college campus.  

As one of the black students tries to get him fired, and another jumps to his defense, the professor and his students are forced to confront what racism really means in 21st century America -- and whether anyone but African Americans can truly understand it.

"F*** Mark Twain" is a play about race, public discourse, and free speech in the age of Donald Trump and "post-truth."